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  1. Williams, J.F., Hippler, R.
    A "Laudatio" for Professor Hans Kleinpoppen
    In: Complete Scattering Experiments, Proc. of the Hans Kleinpoppen Symposium (U. Becker, A. Crowe, Hrsg.)
    Kluwer Academic/Plenum: New York, p. 1 (2001)

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  3. Hippler, R.
    Fundamental Processes of Plasma-Surface Interactions
    In: Low Temperature Plasma Physics - Fundamental Aspects and Applications
    (R. Hippler, S. Pfau, M. Schmidt, K.H. Schoenbach, Eds.)
    Wiley-VCH: Berlin, S. 79 (2001)



  1. Quaas, M., Steffen, H., Hippler, R., Wulff, H.
    Amorphous-to-crystalline transformation of thin ITO films studied by in-situ grazing incidence X-ray diffractometry
    Mat. Sci. Forum 378-381, 320 (2001)

  2. Kersten, H., Rohde, D., Deutsch, H., Hippler, R., Swinkels, G.H.P.M., Stoffels, W.W., Kroesen, G.M.W.
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    Appl. Phys. A 72, 531 (2001)

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    Micro-Disperse Particles in Plasmas: From Disturbing Side Effects to New Applications
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    The energy influx during plasma deposition of amorphous hydrogenated carbon films
    Surface and Coatings Techn. 149, 206 (2001)

  5. Quade, A., Wulff, H. Steffen, H., Hippler, R.
    Determination of diffusion coefficients and sputter rates for the plasma activated Al oxidation
    Surface and Interface Analysis (2001), submitted

  6. Sonnenfeld, A., Tun, V, Zajíèková, L., Kozlov, K.V., Wagner, H.-E., Behnke, J.F., Hippler, R.
    Deposition Process Based on Organosilicon Precursors in Dielectric Barrier Discharges at Atmospheric Pressure - A Comparison
    Plasma and Polymers 6, 237 (2001)

  7. Kersten, H., Deutsch, H., Steffen, H., Kroesen, G.M.W., Hippler, R.
    The energy balance at substrate surfaces during plasma processing,
    Vacuum 63, 385 (2001)


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