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  1. Hippler, R., Bhattacharyya, S.R., Smirnov, B.M.
    Formation and Deposition of Nanosize Particles on Surfaces
    In: Introduction to Complex Plasmas (Bonitz, M., Hornig, N., Ludwig, P., Eds.), Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics 59, Springer: Heidelberg, p. 299 (2010)



  1. Wiese, R., Sushkov, V., Kersten, H., Ikkurthi, V.R., Schneider, R., Hippler, R.
    Behavior of a porous particle in a radiofrequency plasma under pulsed argon ion beam bombardment
    New J. Phys. 12 (2010) 033036 (19pp)

  2. Wiese, R., Sushkov, V., Kersten, H., Hippler, R.
    Fourier Analysis of Particle Motion in a Radio Frequency Plasma Under Pulsed Argon Ion Beam Bombardment
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 38, 810 (2010)

  3. Kashtanov, P.V. Hippler, R., Smirnov, B.M., Bhattacharyya, S.R.
    Thermal fragmentation of nano-size clusters on surfaces
    EPL 90, 16001 (2010)

  4. Kashtanov, V., Hippler, R., Smirnov, B.M., Bhattacharyya, S.R.
    Stability of a Deposited Liquid Cluster
    JETP 110, 521-528 (2010)

  5. Straňák, V., Quaas, M., Bogdanowicz, R., Steffen, H., Wulff, H., Hubička, Z., Tichý, M., Hippler, R.
    Effect of nitrogen doping on TiOxNy thin film formation at reactive high-power pulsed magnetron sputtering
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 43, 285203 (2010)

  6. Straňák, V., Cada, M., Hubička, Z., Tichý, M., Hippler, R.
    Time-resolved investigation of dual high power impulse magnetron sputtering with closed magnetic field during deposition of Ti–Cu thin films
    J. Appl. Phys.108, 043305 (2010)

  7. Majumdar, A., Ghosh, B., Hippler, R.
    Dependency of temperature on polarization in CH4/N2 dielectric barrier discharge plasma: A crude assumption
    Physics of Plasmas 17, 113506 (2010)

  8. Hundur, Y., Güvenç, Z. B., Hippler, R.
    Molecular dynamics of thermal vibration effects: Ar + Ni(100) collision system
    Commun Nonlinear Sci. Numer Simulat 2010, 15:1103-1110

  9. Kashtanov P. V., Smirnov, B. M., Hippler, R.
    Efficiency of cluster generation in a magnetron discharge
    Europhysics Letters 2010, 91(6):63001


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